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    Company of Chartered Professional Accountant
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    Our firm of Chartered Professional Accountant offers Tax and Accounting services!

    Every business decision you make has tax consequences. Relieve yourself from the time-consuming back-office accounting work with our firm of chartered professional accountant. We are specialized
    Corporate Tax Preparation, Tax Planning, Audited Financial statements or Compilation.

    Let us focus on the books & accounting, so you can get back to build a profitable enterprise.

    Whom do we work for?

    Our skilled team of financial experts have years of experience in providing accounting, tax and consulting services to professional service firms?ncluding
    physicians, attorneys, dentists, veterinarians, chiropractors, insurance providers, e-commerce and IT professionals, and more. We are proficient in all areas of tax, accounting, & financial advice. We will exceed your expectations.

    Accounting Services for the Professional Service Providers

    • Taxation

      Personal and Corporate tax, Reorganization and Tax Planning

      Maximizes the tax benefits

    • Bookkeeping

      Computerized bookkeeping with QuickBooks

      GST, QST and HST Reports

    • Payroll service

      Payroll (T4, T4A, T5)

      DAS government rebates: (QPP, QPIP, EI)

      Statutory forms (T4, Relevé 1, T5, CSST)

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    Ottawa Office

    Clinton Tano Professional Corporation
    1010 Polytek Street unit 7, Ottawa (Ontario), K1J 9H8
    Cel: (613) 462-3740   Fax: (613) 902-2291
    Email: info@tanocpa.com

    Gatineau Office

    Clinton Tano Professional Corporation
    1 rue de l’equateur, Gatineau (Québec), J9A 3H4
    Cel: (613) 462-3740
    Email: info@tanocpa.com